Curtis Grantham Denied Parole

on March 23, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Curtis Grantham has been denied parole for another five years. He went in front of the parole board Tuesday.

Grantham was convicted of torturing and killing three women in the late 1980’s. He was convicted of two of the murders and confessed to the third.

Said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor:

There’s no question he will kill again if released.

He was also denied parole in 2005.


  • gabriel fraser says:

    I am Curtis Grantham’s nephew.Me and my family would like more info on curtis and any upcoming parole hearings.We do not want him out.Thank you

  • Tony Lee Roy Hunt says:

    If the man did his time for the crime he did, why not release him? There are integration facilities for people that have killed other people and was released from prison. The man did his time, let him go. The purpose of prison is to fix what is wrong with the people that do outrages crimes. If Curtis Grantham is not released after serving his time, that means the prison system is just a house of torture and pain and unable to fix any person, it is just to create more crime when the people are released.

    • well cutting off someone head is a little over the top. Maybe with some prison reform they could find a way to house him in a better manner, for his sake. getting out just does sound like it will happen. he shoot up my house with a shoot gun, as I sleep.

    • Gtfouttah says:

      And just Who the hell gives anyone the right to torture and murder for kicks?! “Done his time” STFU you moron!!

  • I’m the son with the same name. I have no idea what to say man. If he dies in jail,(I’m good with it). OK, I have a story to tell! Man there’s action in it too, serial killers action, the old Columbus speakeasy is part of the story. WATER WIZZ WATER PARK, back then you could bring beer. So now, I’m running from my dad, for good reason, at the water park. there was a fight, I was running and people saw me and help me out, with a fight with my dad. So I got away easy that time. There was another time, he emptied a shot gun in to the house and into the car

  • Tony Lee Roy Hunt says:

    A lot has changed since Curtis Grantham was convicted and sentenced to prison for his crime. There are cameras everywhere on the streets, police officers with bullet proof vests standing guard at the grocery store, and computers allow citizens to know anyone’s past criminal history. Convicted killers live among us in society everywhere. Military personal live among us in society everywhere also and some of them have killed dozens of people. There are as many cameras in society as there is in prison. Everyone has a camera on there phone. If Curtis Grantham has not killed anyone in prison since he has been locked up, then he will probably not kill anyone in society if he is released. He is not an animal, he is a human being.

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