About Brian Combs

Brian Combs

Brian Combs has been involved with website publishing projects since 1993, shortly after NCSA released the Windows and Mac versions of Mosaic. His sites have covered technical topics such as cryptography, C++, and payment systems, as well as more mainstream subjects like humor, politics, the intelligence community, and Austin, Texas.

He has consulted for major media including NPR and Gannett Digital.

With the Serial Killers Podcast, Brian dives into true crime, which brings together a confluence of interests in criminology, history, and psychology.

A nationally recognized expert in his professional field of online marketing, Brian’s opinions on the future of the web and Internet marketing appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle, and The SEO Bible by Jerri Ledford. He regularly speaks at industry conferences and events.

Brian lives in Cedar Park, Texas, with his wife (Mrs. SK Podcast), the feline monochromes (Emma and Ella), a pocket beagle (Bailey), and his more recent addition, Baby SK Podcast.