Frequently Asked Questions

What is this podcast about?

The Serial Killers Podcast explores many topics around serial murder, including:

  • The biographies of specific serial killers
  • The psychopathological factors driving them
  • Various law enforcement and criminological techniques

In other words, it is a bit history, a bit psychology, and a bit true crime.

When are new episodes released?

I aim to have a new episode out every Friday morning. There was a recent addition to my family, however, so we’re currently running about every two weeks.

How long are they?

Episodes have tended to run 20 to 25 minutes lately, although most of the early episodes where shorter than that.

Can you cover a particular topic that interests me?

Probably. Feel free to suggest an episode.

I’m a pretty good researcher, so even if I don’t know much about a particular subject, I can add it to the list. The only topic I can think of that I’d want to shy away from is Jack the Ripper. There’s already so much about the Ripper out there, and there’s nothing new worth discussing, IMHO.

How are you producing this show?

I’m producing it in my house.

I originally used a Snowball USB microphone, and some of the archived episodes still have the audio from it. I wasn’t happy with the sound quality, so with help from sound guy Michael P. Temple, I’ve upgraded to a M-Audio FireWire Solo deck with an Audio-Technica AT2035 Cariod Condenser Microphone with a SeElectronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter. Much better.

The podcast is built in GarageBand, which is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. The music loop at the start of the show is Fiction Fight (Loop 1) from LoopSound.

I host the podcast at Liberated Syndication, and this website is managed using WordPress.

How can I contact you?

The easiest way is to use the contact form on this site. If, for some reason, you need to contact me via snail mail, you can do so via my work address:

Brian Combs
c/o ionadas local LLC
13359 N Hwy 183, #406-245
Austin, Texas 78750

I love books for presents, especially the latest serial killer true crime books! ūüėČ

What are the inspirations for this podcast?

The inspirations for this podcast actually tend to be history-related podcasts. My favorites include:

I recommend all four of these for you history buffs out there.

True crime podcasts are actually pretty rare. I think my favorite right now is probably BlogTalkRadio’s True Murder by Dan Zupansky.

Who is Brian Combs?

Let’s start with what I’m not. I’m not a criminologist. I’m not in law enforcement. And I’m not a psychiatrist. To my knowledge, I’ve never even met a serial killer.

I’ve actually been engaged in various forms in internet marketing for almost two decades now. I have my own company, ionadas local LLC, that specializes in the optimizations of Google Place Pages listings. In other words, I help local companies to be found on the internet.

For several years, I’ve been interested in releasing a podcast. I just couldn’t find the right topic. I wanted a topic that would interest me enough to keep me at it a while, and that wasn’t so overrun with existing content that one can’t get any traction. I’ve been interested in true crime for as long as I can remember, and after looking around a bit, it was clear that there was some “podcast whitespace” in this area.

And the topic is huge! I could come up with two or three hundred episodes easy. We’ll see if I get that far…

I live in Austin, Texas with my beautiful wife, our new daughter, a miniature beagle named Bailey, and the monochrome cats, Emma and Ella. My main hobbies are photography and anything to do with the Texas Longhorns.