Serial Killer Videography

Below is a sortable, searchable list of videos about serial killers and related topics. Most are either documentaries or movies based upon the real story.

Clicking on the links in the “Sources” column takes you to a place where you can purchase the video. A small percentage of your purchase price goes towards covering The Serial Killers Podcast expenses. I strongly recommend that you check out the reviews before purchasing, especially for the made-for-TV movies. Some of them are really bad.

If you don’t see the video you need, try searching for it in the search box.

10 Rillington PlaceJohn ChristieAmazon (VHS)
20th Century with Mike Wallace - Serial KillersMiscellaneousAmazon (VHS)
48 Hours: Name, Rank and Serial KillerDavid Russell WilliamsBrian Combs Review
A&E American Justice: Atlanta Child Murders, TheWayne WilliamsAmazon (DVD)
ABC News Primetime: Zodiac KillerZodiac KillerAmazon (DVD)
Aileen - Life and Death of a Serial KillerAileen WuornosAmazon (DVD)
Aileen Wuornes: The Selling of a Serial Killer - The 1992 InterviewsAileen WuornosAmazon (DVD)
Albert FishAlbert FishAmazon (DVD)
America's Serial Killers: Portraits in EvilMiscellaneousAmazon (DVD)
Appropriate AdultFred West and Rose West
Atlanta Child Murders, The - Director's CutWayne WilliamsAmazon (DVD)
B.T.K.Dennis RaderAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Biography: Andrew CunananAndrew CunananAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Arthur ShawcrossArthur ShawcrossAmazon (DVD), Brian Combs Review
Biography: Beast of the UkraineAndrei ChikatiloAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Charles MansonCharles MansonAmazon (VHS)
Biography: David Berkowitz: Son of SamDavid BerkowitzAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Ed GeinEd GeinAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee LucasAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster WithinJeffrey DahmerAmazon (DVD)
Biography: John Wayne Gacy: A Monster in DisguiseJohn Wayne GacyAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Richard Ramirez: The Night StalkerRichard RamirezAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Ted BundyTed BundyAmazon (DVD)
Biography: Ted Kaczynski: The UnabomberTed KaczynskiAmazon (DVD)
Biography: The Chessboard KillerAlexander PichushkinBrian Combs Review
Boneyard, TheCharles Ng and Leonard LakesAmazon (DVD)
BTK KillerDennis RaderAmazon (DVD)
Capture of the Green River Killer, TheGary RidgwayAmazon (DVD)
Cold Case Files: Beauty Queen KillerChristopher Wilder
Cold Case Files: Finding BTKDennis Rader
Cold Case Files: The Green River KillerGary Ridgway
Cold Case Files: The Original Night StalkerThe Original Night Stalker
Cold Case Files: The Sunday Morning Slasher (Episode 5x07)Coral WattsBrian Combs Review
Cold Case Files: The Zodiac KillerZodiac
CollectorsMiscellaneousAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray)
Crime Investigation Australia: Date with a Serial Killer-Rodney Cameron (Episode 4x06)Rodney Francis Cameron
Crime Investigation Australia: Hunt for a Killer-The Claremont Murders (Episode 2x07)Claremont Serial Murders
Crime Investigation Australia: Ivan Milat: The Backpacker Murders (Episode 1x04)Ivan Milat
Crime Investigation Australia: No More Grannies - The Granny Killer (Episode 1x01)John Wayne Glover
Crime Investigation Australia: The Killing Fields of Truro (Episode 2x01)Christopher Robin Worrell, James William Miller
Crime Investigation Australia: The Kimberley Killer (Episode 1x10)Joseph Schwab
Crime Investigation Australia: The Moorhouse Horrors (Episode 1x06)David Birnie, Catherine Birnie
Crime Investigation Australia: The Night Caller-Eric Edgar Cooke (Episode 2x03)Eric Edgar Cooke
Crime Investigation Australia: The Predator-Leonard John Fraser (Episode 2x09)Leonard Fraser
Criminal Minds : How the FBI Forensic Psychology Is Combined with Detective Work to Catch Serial KillersCriminologyAmazon (DVD)
DahmerJeffrey DahmerAmazon (DVD)
Dark Minds: Better Than Bundy (Episode 1x08)Edwin Snelgrove
Dark Minds: Double Initial Murder (Episode 1x05)Alphabet Murderer
Dark Minds: The Babysitter Killer (Episode 1x03)Oakland County Child Killer
Dark Minds: The Eastbound Strangler (Episode 1x02)The Eastbound StranglerBrian Combs Review
Dark Minds: The Elderly Killings (Episode 1x07)Columbus Elderly Murderer
Dark Minds: The Jefferson Davis Parish Murders (Episode 1x06)Jefferson Davis Parish Murderer
Dark Minds: The Valley Killer (Episode 1x01)Connecticut River Valley Killer
Dark Minds: The Woodsman (Episode 1x04)Main South Woodsman
Dear Mr. GacyJohn Wayne GacyAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Deadly Women: Bad Medicine (Episode 2x05)Kathleen Folbigg, Beverly Alitt
Deadly Women: Behind the Mask (Episode 3x04)Helen Golay, Olga Rutterschmidt, Betty Lou Beets
Deadly Women: Beyond Suspicion (Episode 4x8)Tillie Klimek, Caroline Grills
Deadly Women: Born Bad (Episode 3x11)Sharon Kinne
Deadly Women: Dark Secrets (Episode 2x04)Judy Buenoano, Genene Jones
Deadly Women: Evil Influence (Episode 3x07)Myra Hindley
Deadly Women: Fatal Obsession (Episode 3x08)Catherine Birnie
Deadly Women: Fortune Hunters (Episode 4x3)Jill Coit
Deadly Women: Greed (Episode 1x02)Belle Gunness, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Janie Lou Gibbs, Catherine Flannigan, Margaret Higgins
Deadly Women: In Cold Blood (Episode 4x09)Lynn Turner
Deadly Women: Lethal Lovers (Episode 3x09)Rosemary West, Martha Beck
Deadly Women: Master Manipulators (Episode 4x6)Sheila LaBarre
Deadly Women: Mothers Who Kill (Episode 3x10)Waneta Hoyt
Deadly Women: Obsession (Episode 1x01)Elizabeth Bathory, Vera Renczi
Deadly Women: Predators (Episode 2x06)Aileen Wuornos, Anne Marie Hahn, Dorothea Puente
Deadly Women: Revenge (Episode 1x03)Blanche Taylor Moore, Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Meyer, Waltraud Wagner
Deadly Women: Sacrifice Their Blood (Episode 5x09)Marybeth Tinning
Deadly Women: The Disturbed (Episode 3x03)Jane Toppan, Dana Sue Gray, Christine Falling
Deadly Women: The Sacred Bond (Episode 4x7)Teresa Knorr, Dianne Odell
Deadly Women: To Love and to Murder (Episode 5x06)Louise Peete
Deadly Women: Twisted Minds (Episode 2x03)Bobbie Sue Terrell
Deadly Women: Young Blood (Episode 3x01)Mary Bell
Deliberate Stranger, TheTed BundyAmazon (DVD)
Deranged: Andrew Cunanan (Episode 07)Andrew Cunanan
Deranged: Beltway Sniper (Episode 06)John Muhammad, Lee Malvo
Deranged: Charles Manson (Episode 08)Charles Manson
Deranged: Henry Lee Lucas (Episode 09)Henry Lee Lucas
Deranged: Ted Bundy (Episode 02)Ted Bundy
Deranged: The Green River Killer (Episode 03)Gary Ridgway
Deranged: The Hillside Strangler (Episode 05)Kenneth Bianchi, Angelo Buono
Deranged: The Night Stalker (Episode 04)Richard Ramirez
Deranged: The Son of Sam (Episode 01)David Berkowitz
Drifter: Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee LucasAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Trail of Terror (Episode 1x06)Cary StaynerBrian Combs Review
First 48, The: A Serial Killer CallsTerry Blair
Freeway KillerWilliam BoninAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray)
Frozen GroundRobert Hansen
GacyJohn Wayne GacyAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Gray ManAlbert FishAmazon (DVD)
Green River KillerGary RidgwayAmazon (DVD)
H.H. Holmes - America's First Serial KillerH.H. HolmesAmazon (DVD)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerHenry Lee LucasAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray)
History and Psychology of the Profiler and Profiling the Criminal Mind of Serial Killers, TheCriminologyAmazon (DVD)
Hunt for the BTK Killer, TheDennis RaderAmazon (DVD)
KarlaKarla Homolka and Paul BernardoAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
KemperEdmund KemperAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Manson 40 Years LaterCharles MansonAmazon (DVD)
MonsterAileen WuornosAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Most EvilCriminologyAmazon (DVD)
Most Evil: Attention Seekers (Episode 2x07)David Berkowitz, Dennis Rader, Zodiac, Keith Jesperson
Most Evil: Cold-Blooded Killers (Episode 1x02)Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Gary Ridgway, Tommy Lynn Sells
Most Evil: Cult Followers (Episode 2x05)Charles Manson
Most Evil: Cult Leaders (Episode 2x10)Charles Manson
Most Evil: Deadly Desires (Episode 1x06)Jerry Brudos, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Parker Ray, Westley Allen Dodd
Most Evil: Delusional (Episode 2x03)Herbert Mullin
Most Evil: Gangs (Episode 3x07)Richard Kuklinski
Most Evil: Jealousy (Episode 2x01)Andrew Cunanan
Most Evil: Killer Lies (Episode 1x01)Dennis Rader
Most Evil: Manson (Episode 3x01)Charles Manson
Most Evil: Masterminds (Episode 2x08)Edmund Kemper, Ted Bundy, H.H. Holmes, Theodore Kaczynski
Most Evil: Murderous Women (Episode 1x03)Marybeth Tinning, Aileen Wuornos, Elizabeth Bathory, Belle Gunness, Nannie Doss, Theresa Knorr
Most Evil: Murderous Women (Episode 3x05)Dorothea Puente
Most Evil: Partners in Crime (Episode 1x04)Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley; David Parker Ray and Cindy Hendy; Charles Ng and Leonard Lake
Most Evil: Psychotic Killers (Episode 1x05)Ed Gein, Arthur Shawcross, Gary Heidnik
Most Evil: Schemers (Episode 3x03)Michael Swango, John Edward Robinson, Martha Ann Johnson
Most Evil: Science of Murder (Episode 1x07)Arthur Shawcross, Ed Gein, Gary Heidnik, Ted Bundy
Most Evil: Super Delusional (Episode 3x02)Joseph Kallinger, Leonard Lake
Most Evil: The Killer's Brain (Episode 3x08)David Berkowitz, Richard Chase, Edmund Kemper
Most Evil: Tracking Killers (Episode 3x10)Andrew Cunanan, Keith Jesperson
Most Evil: Up Close (Episode 1x08)Cathy Wood, Westley Allen Dodd, Tommy Lynn Sells, Leonard Lake, Arthur Shawcross
Most Evil: Vampires/Cannibals (Episode 3x04)Andrei Chikatilo, Richard Chase, Jeffrey Dahmer
Myth Of A Serial Killer: The Henry Lee Lucas StoryHenry Lee LucasAmazon (DVD)
NOVA: Mind of a Serial KillerCriminologyAmazon (DVD)
Only Belle: A Serial Killer from SelbuBelle Sorenson GunnessAmazon (DVD)
Peter: A Study for a Portrait of a Serial KillerPeter Coonan (Peter Sutcliffe)Official Website
Rampage: The Hillside Strangler MurdersKenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr.Amazon (DVD)
See No Evil: The Story of The Moors MurdersIan Brady and Myra HindleyAmazon (DVD)
Serial Killers, Profiling the Criminal Mind, Vol. 01: The Criminal ProfilerCriminologyAmazon (VHS)
Serial Killers, Profiling the Criminal Mind, Vol. 02: Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey DahmerAmazon (VHS)
Serial Killers, Profiling the Criminal Mind, Vol. 03: John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne GacyAmazon (VHS)
Serial Killers, Profiling the Criminal Mind, Vol. 04: Charles MansonCharles MansonAmazon (VHS)
Serial Killers: Real Life Hannibal LectersMiscellaneousAmazon (DVD)
Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, TheCharles MansonAmazon (DVD)
StarkweatherCharles StarkweatherAmazon (DVD)
Ted BundyTed BundyAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Ted Bundy / Dahmer / Ed GeinMiscellaneousAmazon (DVD)
The Serial KillersMiscellaneousAmazon (DVD)
To Catch a KillerJohn Wayne GacyAmazon (DVD)
Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer, The: Serial KillerJeffrey DahmerAmazon (DVD)
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Killer Contestant (Episode 1x13)Rodney AlcalaBrian Combs Review
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Zodiac Killer (Episode 1x05)Zodiac
Twisted: Aileen Wuornos (Episode 2x04)Aileen Wuornos
Twisted: Charles Starkweather (Episode 2x05)Charles Starkweather
Twisted: Harold Shipman (Episode 1x04)Harold Shipman
Twisted: Ivan Milat (Episode 1x05)Ivan Milat
Twisted: Jeffrey Dahmer (Episode 1x01)Jeffrey Dahmer
Twisted: Myra Hindley (Episode 1x02)Myra Hindley
Twisted: Ted Bundy (Episode 2x01)Ted Bundy
Twisted: The Boston Strangler (Episode 2x06)Albert DeSalvo
Twisted: The Co-Ed Butcher (Episode 3x04)Edmund Kemper
Twisted: The Green River Killer (Episode 3x06)Gary Ridgway
Twisted: The Killer Clown (Episode 2x03)John Wayne Gacy
Twisted: The Meanest Man in America (Episode 3x02)Donald GaskinsBrian Combs Review
Twisted: The Night Stalker (Episode 3x01)Richard Ramirez
Twisted: The Silent Savage (Episode 3x05)Dennis Nilsen
Twisted: The Son of Sam (Episode 3x03)David BerkowitzBrian Combs Review
Twisted: The Washington Sniper (Episode 1x03)John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo
Twisted: Vampire of Sacramento (Episode 2x02)Richard Chase
Usual Suspects: Overkill (Episode 1x11)Dana Sue GrayBrian Combs Review
Wicked Attraction: A Mother's Love (Episode 2x04)Theresa Cross Knorr
Wicked Attraction: Blood Brothers (Episode 1x05)Charles Ng, Leonard Lake
Wicked Attraction: Death on the Sunset Strip (Episode 1x13)Doug Clark, Carol Bundy
Wicked Attraction: Driven by Desire (Episode 1x12)Alton Coleman
Wicked Attraction: Evil in the Desert (Episode 1x04)David Parker Ray
Wicked Attraction: Golden Years (Episode 2x02)Helen Golay, Olga Rutterschmidt
Wicked Attraction: Mother Knows Best (Episode 1x07)Sante Kimes
Wicked Attraction: Our Little Secret (Episode 1x09)Gwendolyn Graham, Cathy Wood
Wicked Attraction: The Perfect Couple (Episode 1x01)Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka
Wicked Attraction: The Toolbox Killers (Episode 2x06)Lawrence Bittaker, Roy Norris
Wicked Attraction: The Two Bears (Episode 2x01)Michael Bear Carson, Suzan Carson
Wicked Attraction: Twisted Twosome (Episode 1x06)Gerald Gallego, Charlene Gallego
ZodiacZodiac KillerAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray)