Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo

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El Padrino de Matamoros (The Godfather of Matamoros), The Witch Doctor25+MaleHispanicUSA, MexicoTerritorialGroup Cause1962/11/01 (Miami, Florida, USA)1989/05/06 (Mexico City; Suicide)

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo was born on November 1, 1962, in Miami, Florida. He was the first child born into his family, his mother later had three children of different fathers. When Constanzo was 6 months old, his mother had him blessed by a Hatian priest of a religion called Palo Mayombe. After Constanzo’s mother’s first husband died, the family moved to Puerto Rico. In 1972, the family returned to Miami where Constanzo began his apprenticeship with a Haitian priest. He graduated high school and dropped out of junior college. It is believed that Constanzo did not perform well in school because he was too busy learning witchcraft, rob graves and pour blood on voodoo dolls to curse enemies from his mentor. While in Miami Constanzo was employed as a tarot card reader.

In 1984, at the age of 22, Constanzo moved to Mexico City to recruit disciples and practise magic. He convinced many people that he was able to read the future and would offer to cleanse the soul. Many drug dealers in the area began to change their shipments based on Constanzo’s predictions. On some occasions he would commit the murders, but other times he would command his disciples to make the sacrifice. Constanzo began his murder series around 1987, when he made human sacrifices to feed his caldron. Consatnzo would murder both men and women of any age. Most, if not all, of his victims were tortured prior to their deaths. Many victims had fingers, toes, ears, hearts, genitals, brains or parts of their spines removed. To dispose of the bodies many were dismembered and burned.

In 1989, Constanzo’s disciples kidnapped and murdered Mark. J. Kilroy, who was a US tourist. Local police were pressured to search for Mark, they discovered Constanzo’s religion and arrest members of the group. They confessed to the murder of Kilroy and to many other murders. On May 6, police discovered Constanzo’s hideaway, but Constanzo had ordered a disciple to shoot him and a female companion to death. He was declared dead at the scene.

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Victims of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo

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Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo and his followers are thought to have murdered upwards of twenty-five people in Mexico. We currently have information on thirteen of his victims. Guillermo Calzada Sanchez Guillermo was murdered on April 30, 1987. He was tortured prior to his death. Hector de la Fuente Hector was…

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