Adolph James Rode

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Cesar Barone5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1960/12/04 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Miami)n/a

Adolph James Rode was born on December 4, 1960 in Florida. He was born the youngest child in his family.

Rode exhibited very delinquent behavior from before the age of five. It is believed that Rode began to act out as a response to his mother leaving the family and his hatred for his step-mother. In his elementary school, in the first grade, he was permanently banned from the lunchroom for disruptive behavior. He was also known to torture animals.

After serving time for burglary Rode began to assault and rape multiple women. He began his serial series at the age of 18. All of his victims were female between the ages of 23 and 73. He would typically rape or sexually assault his victims before shooting or strangling them to death.

Rode was arrested on February 27, 1993. He was convicted of aggravated murder, first degree murder, felony of murder, and 14 different charged involving burglary, theft, sodomy and rape on December 6, 1995. Rode was sentenced to death, and is currently serving time in Oregon.

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Victims of Adolph James Rode

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Adolph James Rode was charged with the murders of four people, but is thought to have been involved in more. We currently have information on all of his known victims. Margaret Schmidt Margaret, age 61, was raped and strangled to death in April, 1991. Martha Bryant Martha was shot to…

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