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Dark Minds: Double Initial Murder (Episode 1x05)

The Alphabet Murderer is known to have murdered 3 people and suspected for the murders of 4 others. All of the known victims were girls between the ages of 10 and 11, while the suspected victims were women between the ages of 18 and 38. All of the victims names first and last name start with the same letter, hence the Double Initial Killer.

All of the victims had been raped prior to their death. The murderer would typically strangle their victims to death. The remains of the victims were always left in unpopulated areas and miles outside of the main city. Strangely, the towns that the children’s remains were found in began with the same initial as their first and last names. It is believed that the victims had been physically abused prior to their deaths. As each murders was reported in the press, witnesses would come forward and state they had seen the victim in a car with an unknown male. The names of the three girls, who were murdered, began with “C”, “M”, and “W’, which are the third, thirteenth and twenty-third letters in the alphabet, it is not known if this of any significance to the investigation.

The older victims of the Alphabet Murderer were known prostitutes in the areas in which they were murdered. It is because of their occupation that many witnesses were not expected to come forward. Unfortunately, some of the older victims were not even reported missing. Unlike many serial killers, the Alphabet Murderer showed no preference as to hair color or body type, instead they must have murdered based only on the initials of a victims name.

The large age difference between the known and suspected victims made experts question if these crimes were committed by the same person. Typically, a serial killer will have a set of criteria that a victim must have before the murder takes place, especially if the victim is sexually assault prior to the murder. However, if the name of a victim was the only motivation for the crime then one person committing these murders is understandable. The serial killer also had to know the names of the victims prior to their kidnapping and murder. This demonstrates just how much thought went into the murder before it took place. There had to be planning to find victims who had the same initials for their first and last names and then for their remains to be found in a town with the same beginning initial.

There have been no arrests made for the Alphabet Murderer. Suspects for these murders include: Kenneth Bianchi (Hillside Strangler), Angelo Buono (Hillside Strangler) and Joseph Naso.

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The Alphabet Murderer, otherwise known as the Double Initial Killer, is known to have murdered three people and is suspected of murdering an additional four. We currently have information on all of the known and suspected victims. Carmen Colon Carmen, age 10, disappeared on November 16, 1971. Her remains were…

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