Andonis Daglis

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The Athens Ripper3MaleCaucasianGreeceNomadicSexual1974 (Greece)n/a

Andonis Daglis was born in 1974 in Greece.

Daglis had a long history with the law before his murder series. He was a repeat offender in is youth and was had a record for seducing a minor. Daglis was also known to have attacked a group of men with a knife in Athens. Later in his life he worked as a truck driver which allowed him to travel across the country.

It is believed that Daglis began his murder series in 1992, at the age of 18. He would only murder women who were known prostitutes. Daglis states that after kidnapping, robbing and raping the women, he would usually strangle them to death. He was also known to have dismembered some of the women and leaving pieces of their bodies scattered around Athens.

On January 23, 1997 Daglis was found guilty of murdering 3 women, the attempted murder of 6 women and raping all of these women. He was sentence to 13 terms of life imprisonment plus an additional 25 years.

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Victims of Andonis Daglis

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Andonis Daglis was charged for murdering three people. We currently have information on two of his victims. Eleni Panagiotopoulou Eleni, age 29, was strangled to death then dismembered in Athens. Athina Lazarou Athina, age 26m was strangled to death then dismembered in Athens.

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