Andrei Chikatilo

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The Butcher of Rostov, The Red Ripper, The Rostov Ripper4"53"MaleCaucasianUSSR, Russia, UkraineNomadicSexual1936/10/16 (Yablochnoye, Ukrainian SSR)1994/02/14 (Novocherkassk, Russia)


Comrade Chikatilo: The Psychopathology of Russia's Notorious Serial KillerMikhail Krivich and Olgert Ol'GinAmazon
Hunting the Devil/Pursuit, Capture and Confession of the Most Savage Serial Killer in HistoryRichard LourieAmazon
Killer Department, The: Viktor Burakov's eight-Year Hunt for the Most Savage Serial Killer in Russian HistoryRobert CullenAmazon


Biography: Beast of the UkraineAmazon (DVD)
Most Evil: Vampires/Cannibals (Episode 3x04)

Andrei Chikatilo was born on October 16, 1936 in the Ukraine. He was born the second of three children.

Chikatilo did not have a normal childhood. Before his birth, his older brother had been kidnapped and cannibalized by the local town people. His father left to fight in the war at the height of the famine, leaving his sister and Chikatilo to eat leaves and grass when they could not find food to eat.

Although Chikatilo was not sexually or physically abused, he was emotionally abused by the people in his town because of his impotence. Despite this he married at the age of 27 and had two children with his wife. He did make an attempt to rape prior to being married, but it was not until after he was married that the attempted rapes progressed to the raping and murdering of his victims.

Chikatilo began his serial series at the age of 42. He would typically chose women or children as his victims, girls or boys. His victims spanned from the ages of 7 to 45. All of the people he would choose to murder he would rape and torture prior to their death. Chikatilo would strangle or stab his victims to death and was known to have carried up to 23 knives with him. He was known to cut off the tips of tongues, nipples and genitals, sometimes to chew on them. Unlike most cannibals, Chikatilo would not ingest human flesh, but instead just chewed on it. He made an effort to hide all of his victims.

On November 20, 1990 Chikatilo was arrested. In the summer of 1991 investigators believed that they could charge him with the murders of 53 people. On October 15, 1992 Chikatilo was charged and found guilty of murdering 52 people. He was sentenced to death. Chikatilo was executed by firing squad on February 14, 1994.

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