Andrew Cunanan

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5MaleAsian & CaucasianUSANomadicUnknown1969/08/31 (National City, California, USA)1997/07/23 (Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Suicide)


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Andrew Cunanan was born on August 31, 1969. He was born the youngest of four children in National City, California.

According to records, in his teenage years, Cunanan developed a reputation for being a prolific liar about his home and personal life. He was known to frequent gay bars and selling himself to wealthy older men.

Cunanan began his serial series at the age of 28. All of his victims were male and the murders were typically committed through the use of a firearm.

On July 23, 1997 Cunanan shot himself with the same murder weapon he had been using on his victims.

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Forensic Studies 007: Andrew Cunanan

on July 12th, 2011 in Forensic Studies, Serial Killers by | No Comments

Some acquaintances said that Andrew Cunanan was a homosexual. Family members felt that because he was an altar boy and attended Catholic school that it just could not be true. While attending school, Cunanan was remembered as being bright, talkative and very smart, testing with an I.Q. of 147. As…

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Victims of Andrew Cunanan

on January 1st, 2010 in Serial Killers, Victimology by | 1 Comment

Andrew Cunanan is thought to be involved in the murders of five people. We currently have information on all of his victims. Jeffrey Trail  Jeffery was found murdered on April 25, 1997 in Minneapolis. David Madson David was found murdered in Minnesota on April 29, 1997. Lee Miglin Lee, 72…

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