Andrew Kokoraleis

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Member of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual19611999/03/16 (Lethal injection)

Andrew Kokoraleis was born in 1961 in Illinois.

Kokoraleis was known to be involved in a gang that went by the name of The Chicago Rippers in Chicago, Illinois. The murder series is thought to have begun on May 23, 1981. The known members of this gang were Robin Gecht, Edward Speitzer and Thomas Kokoraleis, who was Andrew’s brother. Most of their victims were females who were known prostitutes, though there were a few exceptions. The gang would abduct their victims and then stab them to death. After the murder Kokoraleis and the rest of the gang would either masturbate on top of the body or would cut the breasts off the body. Some of the members would rape the open wounds. The breasts would be saved for later when the gang would read passages from the “Satanic Bible” and masturbate into the severed breasts. When the process was finished the members would cut the breasts into pieces and eat them.

The Chicago Rippers were arrested on November 5, 1982. Kokoraleis was tried in 2 counties for the murders he committed. The first trial was for the murder of Rose Beck Davis, to which he confessed. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. After the trial of Lorraine Borowski, Kokoraleis was sentenced to death. Despite many appeals from Kokoraleis he was given a lethal injection on March 17, 1999.

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Andrew Kokoraleis is thought to have been involved in a gang that was responsible for the murders of eighteen people. We currently have information on two of his known victims and six of his alleged victims. Linda Sutton Linda, age 21, was murdered around June of 1981. Unidentified Woman A…

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