Angelo Buono Jr.

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One of the Hillside Stranglers10MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1934/10/04 (Rochester, New York, USA)2002/09/21 (Heart attack)


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Angelo Buono Jr. was born on October 5, 1934 in Rochester, New York. He was born the eldest in his family.

From a young age Angelo was reported to have been bragging about raping girls. According to records, Buono’s role model at the age of 14 was Caryl Chessman, otherwise known as the “Red Light Bandit”. Although Caryl was his role model, Buono believed he should have murdered his victims. Prior to being arrested, Buono has eight children, some of whom he sexually abused. It is believed that he raped his 14 year old daughter, then let his sons rape her as well.

Buono began his serial series at the age of 43. He would typically choose women between the ages of 12 and 28. All of his victims were prostitutes, those who had low- income or students. He did not prefer a specific ethnicity or race. Buono would strangle, rape and torture all of his victims. All of his victims were murdered with the assistance of Kenneth Bianchi.

On October 22, 1979 Buono was arrested when his partner in crime, Bianchi, who confessed to his crimes. He is found guilty of one murder on October 31, 1983 and eight others on November 3, 1983. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in Folsom Prison. Buono was transferred to Calipatria State Prison because of his fear of other inmates in Folson Prison. On September 21, 2002 Buono died at the age of 67 from a heart condition.

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