Anna Marie Hahn

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Arsenic Annie, The Blond Borgia, The German Housemaid, The Poison Angel, The Angel of Mercy5FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1906/07/07 (Fuessen, Germany)1938/12/07 (Electric chair)


Deadly Women: Predators (Episode 2x06)

Anna Marie Hahn was born on July 7, 1906 in Bavaria, Germany. She was the youngest of twelve children in her family.

At the age of 18, Hahn left for America after embarrassing her family by having a child out of wedlock. After arriving in America, Hahn began to lie about her professions, claiming to have been a nurse in Germany.

Hahn typically seduced Caucasian men over the age of 60. Although she did not murder all the men she was involved with, she has a record of stealing from them to support her gambling habits. Hahn began her serial series at the age of 26. Her weapon of choice was poisoning through arsenic or Croton Oil.

Hahn was charged with the murder of Jacob Wagner, and the murders of two other men were used at her trial. She is thought to have killed 5 people, while seriously poisoning others along the way. She was sentence to death by the electric chai in Ohio State Penitentiary. Her recorded death was on December 7, 1938.

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Victims of Anna Marie Hahn

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Hahn has been charged with the murders of five people. We currently have information on all of her victims. Ernst Kohler Ernst was poisoned on May 6, 1933. Albert Parker 72 year old Albert was murdered soon after Hahn began to take care of him. She supposedly owed him $1000….

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