Arthur Goode III

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2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1954/03/28 (Hyattsville, Maryland, USA)1984/04/05 (Electric chair)

Arthur Goode III was born on March 28, 1954 in Maryland.

From his teens Goode showed signs of pedophilia, causing him to be arrested a few times. His parents would post bail after he was arrested. Goode was released on probation twice with the promise that he would seek psychological treatment. However, after only a few months Goode left the institution and moved to Florida with his parents.

Goode began his murder series in 1976, at the age of 22 in Fort Myers. He would kidnap and assault the young boys before murdering them. Goode you typically strangle the boys to death. The ages of his victims varied between 9 to 11 years of age. Goode believed that if the laws were not strict regarding pedophilia he would not have felt the need to murder the boys.

In 1976 Goode was arrested and charged for murdering 2 boys. He was found guilty of murder in Maryland and was given the life sentence. On March 21, 1977 he was found guilty in Florida and was sentenced to death. Prior to his death, Goode was noted as saying that before his death he wanted to have sex with a young boy. He was also known to have tried to become pen pals with young boys from his prison cell. On April 5, 1984 Goode was executed by the electric chair.

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Victims of Arthur Goode III

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Arthur Goode III was charged for murdering two people. We currently have information on both of his victims. Jason Verdow Jason, age 9, was strangled to death on March 5, 1976. Kenneth Dawson Kenneth,  age 11, was strangled to death.

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