Audrey Marie Hilley

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2FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1933/06/041987/02 (Heart attack)


Poisoned Blood: True Story of Marie Hilley, Cold-blooded KillerPhilip E. GinsbergAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review

Audrey Marie Hilley was born on June 4, 1933.

There is not a lot known about the history of Hilley until her murder series. All of her known victims were family. Hilley’s first known victim was her husband who was murdered on May 25, 1975. HIs death was originally attributed to hepatitis. Hilley would use increasing levels of arsenic to murder.

On October 9, 1979 Hilley was arrested for passing bad checks and the attempted murder of her daughter Carol. After her husband’s body was exhumed it was found that he had fatal levels of arsenic in his body. After being released on bond Hilley escaped her local motel and fled. Hilley was not caught until nearly 3 years later after using the fake names Robbi Hannon, Teri Martin and marrying John Homan. After being caught, Hilley was returned to Alabama and found guilty for murdering her first husband and attempting to murder her daughter.She was sentenced to life in prison, plus 20 years.

In February of 1983 Hilley received a three-day pass for good behavior and decided to visit her husband. While he went the the store Hilley disappeared, but only remained hidden for 4 days. Hilley had been hiding in the woods for 4 days in the cold rain and was suffering from hypothermia. While at the hospital Hilley died of a heart attack.

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Victims of Audrey Marie Hilley

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Audrey Marie Hilley was charged for murdering one person, but is thought to be involved in the attempted murder of one other person. We currently have information on her victim. Frank Hilley Frank was poisoned to death with arsenic on May 25, 1975.

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