Béla Kiss

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24+MaleCaucasianHungaryStationaryUnknown, probably Sexual1877Unknown (disappeared)

Béla Kiss is thought to have been born in 1877, near Budapest. Kiss was allegedly a very intelligent man who taught himself to tinsmith and was an avid reader. Before being conscripted into the war, Kiss purchase several large metal drums and had claimed to be storing gasoline, in case there was a a shortage.

All of Kiss’s known victims were your females. It is believed that Kiss placed ads in the marriage column and waited for woman to respond. He would then ask for money or have the women visit the house. The victims were usually strangled to death and then buried or placed into one of the large metal drums, which contained wood alcohol.

In July of 1916, the landlord of Kiss’s home wanted to sell the property because he had missed payments. After poking a hole in one of the drums and noticing a strong odor, the landlord called the police. In total, 24 bodies were found buried and in the large barrels.

There were no formal charges that were pressed because no one seemed to know where he went. Detectives would follow leads toward his capture, but he would escape each time. No one knows what became of Kiss or when he died.

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Victims of Béla Kiss

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Béla Kiss is thought to have been involved in the murders of twenty-four women. We do not have any information on his victims at this time.

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