Beverly Allitt

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The Angel of Death4FemaleCaucasianUnited KingdomStationaryPersonal Cause1968/10/04 (Corby Glen, England, United Kingdom)n/a


Deadly Women: Bad Medicine (Episode 2x05)

Beverly Allitt was born on October 4, 1968 in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, England.

As a child, Allitt began to show odd behavior. Records show that Allitt would wear large bandages or casts over self-inflcted wounds for attention. She was known to act out aggressively when complaining of fake illnesses.

Prior to working with children, Allitt worked in a nursing home, where it is claimed she would put feces on the wall or in a fridge for the other workers to find and clean.

While working as a State Enrolled Nurse, Allitt murdered four children and is responsible for the injuries of nine other children. During her serial series, her weapon of choice was to inject insulin or potassium chloride into children.

After a 60 day serial series, Allitt was arrested in November 1991 with the charges of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. She was sentenced to 13 consecutive life sentences on May 28, 1993. Allitt is serving time in Nottinghamshire.

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Beverly Allitt was charged for murdering 4 children and injuring 9 others. While employed at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire, it is believed that Allitt began her murder series in 1991, at the age of 23, and was caught 59 days later in England. Although she was convicted for murdering…

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Investigators in Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom suspect a serial killer is at work in Stepping Hill Hospital. Two men and a women died following what appeared to be a deliberate contamination of their saline drips with insulin. Another eleven victims were poisoned, but survived. One was in critical condition,…

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Beverly Allitt  has been charged with the murders of four children. We currently have information on all of her victims. Liam Taylor 7 week old Liam was murdered on February 21, 1991. Timothy Hardwick Timothy,  age 11, had cerebral palsy and was murdered on March 5, 1991. Becky Phillips Becky,…

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