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Peter Moore"2-5"FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1933/02/17n/a

Deadly Women: Revenge (Episode 1x03)

Blanche Taylor Moore was born on February 17, 1933, in North Carolina. When Moore was young her alcoholic father, who was also an ordained Baptist minister, forced her into prostitution to pay off his gambling debts.

It is believed that Moore’s suspected murder series began in 1966 and the murder she is known to have committed was on October 7, 1986. All of her victims had been poisoned to death with arsenic. Her suspected victims deaths, prior to her known victim Raymond Reid, were originally ruled as heart attacks or Guillain-Barré syndrome. After exhuming the bodies arsenic poisoning was deemed to be the cause of death. Moore would usually murder in order to make monetary gains. She is suspected to have murdered both men and women who were related to her in some way.

In 1989, Moore attempted to murder her new husband, Reverend Dwight Moore. Dwight had collapsed after ingesting a chicken sandwich that contained arsenic. He managed to survive and exhumations were ordered for the bodies of those related to Moore. On July 18, 1989 Moore was arrested for the murder of Raymond Reid. Prosecutors decided that it would be easier to prove that Moore had murdered Raymond instead of trying to prove that she attempted to murder Dwight. On November 14, 1990, Moore was found and sentenced her to death by lethal injection. Moore continues to serve time in the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women.

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Victims of Blanche Taylor Moore

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Blanche Taylor Moore was found guilty for the murder of one person, but is suspected of having murdered three others. We currently have information on her known victim and two suspected victims. P. D. Kiser P.D. Kiser died in 1966 and the original cause of death was a heart attack. His body was…

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