Bruno Lüdke

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Lüdke was born in 1909 in Germany. In his town he was known to have had an intellectual disability, which caused them to over look many of his crimes. Lüdke was known to the police for petty theft and peeping into windows.

It is believed that he began his murder series began in 1928 and continued for the next 15 years. This is considered to be rare because the policing was very strict during the Nazi period. The murders are thought to have been sexually motivated because the victims were all raped both before and after the murder. Most of the victims were strangled to death, but there were some who were stabbed as well.

There was no trial for Lüdke, instead he was declared insane and sent to Vienna, Austria. It is here that Lüdke was experimented on and eventually killed on April 8, 1944. Many police and investigators question the guilt of Lüdke as there was very little evidence that proved he murdered anyone. People who lived in Lüdke’s city claimed that after being questioned by the police he was bleeding and stated that he had to confess or the police would have murdered him. In addition to this, many police during the Nazi period would often accuse or frame people with intellectual disabilities of murder to have them “disposed” of.

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Victims of Bruno Lüdke

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Bruno Lüdke  was not found guilty for any murders, but instead was declared insane. It is believed that he murdered close to fifty-one victims. We do not currently have information on any of his victims.

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