Carl Panzram

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Carl Baldwin, Jeff Davis, Jefferson Rhodes, Jack Allen, Copper John21MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1891/06/28 (Polk County, Minnesota, USA)1930/09/05 (Leavenworth, Kansas, USA; Hanged)


Panzram: A Journal of MurderThomas E. GaddisAmazon

Carl Panzram was born on June 28, 1891 in Minnesota.

Panzram began his life of crime at a very young age. After his father left the family Panzram began to steal and his family began to abuse him, beating him unconscious on a number of occasions. He was sent to a training school, with the intention of reforming him. Panzram claimed that this is where his hatred of Christianity began. He was beaten and sodomized repeatedly while at this institution. Panzram began to set fires to get revenge upon the people who hurt him throughout his time there.

At the age of 14 Panzram ran away from home and began to steal to survive. He was caught and imprisoned for burglary many times prior to his arrest for murder, but he escaped nearly every time. It is believed that Panzram escaped from prison around 9 times before being charged for murder. The majority of his claimed murders are thought to have taken place in Manhattan, when he began to hire sailors then sodomize and murder them while on the boat. Panzram would not stay in one location for too long, as he believed that the police would be looking for him. Panzram was known to have travelled to the Congo to escape police, murdering 6 natives which he hired to take him hunting.

It is believed that Panzram began his serial series at the age of 26, in 1917. Although it is not known how he murdered all of his victims, he confessed to murdering some of his victims by beating or shooting them to death. Many of his victims were thought to be male, and nearly all of them were sodomized prior to the deaths. During his confession, Panzram admitted to sodomizing at least 1000 males.

In 1928, Panzram was arrested in Washington and confessed to murdering two boys. While in prison Panzram wrote an autobiography in which he confessed to murdering 21 people. He was convicted for the murders of four people, but only received 25 year sentence. While in prison, Panzram murdered the foreman of the prison laundry, for which Panzram was sentenced to death. On September 5, 1930 Panzram was hung in Kansas.

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