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Crime Investigation Australia: The Moorhouse Horrors (Episode 1x06)
Deadly Women: Fatal Obsession (Episode 3x08)

Catherine Birnie was born in 1951 and was the only child in her family. Her mother passed away while giving birth when she was two years old. Her brother passed away two days after being born.

Catherine met David Birnie at the age of twelve and began to get into trouble with the law. During the time that Birnie spent in prison through her teen years, a parole officer was able to convince her to work as a housekeeper, where she would later meet her husband, Donald McLaughlin.

According to records, Birnie did not have many friends as a child and often felt very rejected. This may have contributed to why she responded so well to David as a child and later in life. Their parents had lived next to each other, and were often thought to be each others only friends.

After having seven children with Donald, Birnie abandoned him for David and restarted her life of crime. Her serial series began in October 1986, and Birnie would usually watch while Donald would rape their victims and eventually strangle them to death.

Catherine Birnie was charged in Australia with the murders of four women in November 1986. She was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in prison. Catherine Birnie is the third woman in Australia to have records stating “never to be released”. She is currently serving time in Bandyup Women’s Prison, Australia.

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Catherine Birnie has been charged with the murders of four people with her husband David Birnie. We currently have the information on all of their victims. Mary Nielson 22 year old Mary was murdered on October 6, 1986. She was raped, tortured and later strangled to death. Susannah Candy Susannah,…

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