Charles Rodney Campbell

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3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1954/10/21 (Hawaii, USA)1994/05/27 (Hanged)


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Campbell, the second of five children, was born on October 21, 1954 in Hawaii. The Campbell family moved to Washington shortly after his birth.

According to records, Campbell showed signs of delinquency from a young age. Before the age of 15 Campbell had been involved with using speed, heroin and amphetamines, while also stealing cars and breaking into schools. At sixteen, Campbell’s father turned him in for auto theft and was later booked into a juvenile center for threatening to kill his father.

Campbell had been in and out of prison before his serial series for auto theft, threatening an officer and resisting arrest. In 1976, Campbell stood trial for second degree burglary and was sentenced fifteen years in prison. In that same year he was sentenced thirty years in prison for the rape of Renae Wicklund, who would later become one of his victims.

After many appeals Campbell was transferred to outside housing at the Monroe Work Release Center. During this time he raped his ex-girlfriend and had a child with his current girlfriend. In addition to the abuse directed towward his wife and child, Campbell had been known by his mother, police and his wife to have sexually abused with the dogs he owned as well.

Campbell began his serial series at the age of 28. It is not known why these particular victims were chosen. Campbell was formally charged with the murder of three people. He was found guilty and sentenced to death on November 26, 1982. After many appeals from both him and his family Campbell was hung on May 27, 1994.

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Victims of Charles Rodney Campbell

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Charles Rodney Campbell has been charged with the murders of three people. We currently have the information on all of his victims. Renae Wicklund Renae was murdered on April 14, 1982. She was raped and murdered in her home in Clearview, Snohomish County, Washington. Shannah Wicklund Shannah was the 8…

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