Charlie Chop-Off


The murder series of this serial killer is believed to have spanned from 1972 until 1973. Nearly all of the victims were young African American males between the ages of 8 and 9. There was one exception, Steven Cropper, who was HIspanic and his genitals were left intact. Their genitals were either severed off or were mutilated, earning this serial killer the name “Charlie Chop-Off”. The remains of the boys were left at the scene of the crime.

Although no one was found guilty for these crimes, a man by the name of Erno Soto was suspected for the murders. He had attempted to kidnap a young Puerto Rican boy in 1974 and was arrested by the police. He confessed to the murder of Cropper, but because he was a patient of the Manhattan State Hospital his confession was called into question. He was acquitted of the charges, but was admitted into a psychiatric hospital. While he was in the hospital the attacks on the children stopped, though there could be other reasons for this as well. It was also discovered that Soto’s estranged wife had an affair with an African American male and had a child shortly after, while she was still married to Soto. Soto had claimed to be okay with the situation, but as the child grew he began to act out and admitted himself into an asylum. He admitted that he stalked dark skinned children after being released.

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Victims of Charlie Chop-Off

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It is believed that Charlie Chop-Off murdered four boys throughout his murder series. There have been no formal charges placed against anyone for these murders. We currently have information on all of the known victims. Douglas Owens Douglas, age 8, was found murdered on March 9, 1972. He had been…

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