Christopher Robin Worrell

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One of the Truro Killers7MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicSexual, Sadistic19541977/02/19


Crime Investigation Australia: The Killing Fields of Truro (Episode 2x01)

Christopher Robin Worrell was born in 1954 in Australia.

It is believed that Worrell and his friend, James Miller, committed seven murders. His serial series is thought to have spanned between December 23, 1976 to February 12, 1977. All or Worrell and Miller’s victims had been strangled to death. It is believed that had Worrell not died in a car accident on February 19, 1977 he would have started murdering much more frequently.

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Victims of Christopher Robin Worrell

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Christopher Robin Worrell was suspected of murdering seven women. We currently have information on all of his victims. Veronica Knight Veronica, age 18, was murdered on December 23, 1976. Tania Kenny Tania, age 15, was murdered on January 2, 1977. Juliet Mykyta  Juliet, age 16, was murdered on January 21,…

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