Cleophus Prince Jr.

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Clairemont Killer6MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1967 (California, USA)n/a

Cleophus Prince was born in 1967. Not much is known about his childhood.

He began his serial series at the age of 22. He would typically murder his victims by stabbing or strangling them to death. All of his victims were Caucasian, female and between the ages of 18 and 42. Prince is thought to be an unusual serial killer as he would kill members of the opposite race.

Prince was arrested in Birmingham on March 3, 1991 for the murders of six women. He was convicted on six counts of first degree murder and sentenced to death on November 5, 1993. He is currently still on death row in San Quentin prison.

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Victims of Cleophus Prince

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Cleophus Prince was charged with the murders of six people. We currently have information on all of his victims. Tiffany Schultz Tiffany, age 20, was stabbed to death in Clairemont on January 12,  1990. Janene Weinhold 21 year old Janene was stabbed to death on February 16, 1990. Holly Tar …

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