Colin Pitchfork

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Black Pad Killer2MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialSexual1960/03 (Bristol, England, Great Britain)n/a


Blooding, TheJoseph WambaughAmazon

Colin Pitchfork brutally raped and murdered two 15 year old girls in the 1980’s. He was the first person to be convicted of murder based upon DNA fingerprinting.

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Victims of Colin Pitchfork

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15-year-old Linda Mann left home on November 21, 1983. After multiple stops baby sitting and visiting friends, she disappeared. She was found the next morning raped and strangled on a deserted footpath. Dawn Ashworth, also 15, disappeared on July 31, 1986. She was found two days later beaten, savagely raped,…

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