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The Connecticut River Valley Killer is believed to be responsible for the murders of more than 7 women in New Hampshire. The murder series is thought to have begun in 1978 and possibly ended in 1987, though this is disputed by many experts. All of the known victims were females between the ages of 16 and 38 years old. The remains of these victims that were discovered showed signs of having many stab wounds. These women were alone at the time of their murders, leading some to believe that the killer would stalk his victims prior to their murders. The victims were usually left in wooded areas, with the exception of one victim that was found at the scene of the crime. Three of the victims were nurses in the area.

On August 6, 1988 a 7 month pregnant woman, Jane Boroski, was attacked and stabbed many time outside of a closed convenience store. She managed to drive to a friend’s home for help and survive the attack. Some experts claim that the survival of a victim caused the Connecticut River Valley Killer to stop the murder series, while others argue that there have been more victims since Jane.

There are been a few suspects that were announced to the public, though no formal charges have been pressed. The first suspect is Delbert Tallman, who is suspected for these murders because of a similar attack that he confessed to in 1984. He had raped 16 year old Heidi Martin and then stabbed her to death. Tallman confessed to this crime and later recanted the confession, causing him to be acquitted. The second suspect is Michael Nicholaou, is a Vietnam War veteran who was known to have a Jeep which matches witnesses descriptions and would visit the hospital that 3 of the victims worked in. He committed suicide after killing his wife and step-daughter on December 31, 2005. The last known suspect is Gary Westover, who confessed on his deathbed to have been involved in the murder of Barbara Agnew with 3 other friends. This case is considered to have gone cold, though some family members of the victims have hired private investigators.

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Victims of the Connecticut River Valley Killer

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The Connecticut River Valley Killer is believed to have murdered seven women in New Hampshire. We currently have information on all of the known victims. Cathy Millican Cathy, age 27, was murdered on October 24, 1978.Her remains were found with 29 stab wounds. Mary Elizabeth Critchley Mary, age 37, went…

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