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Blank was born in Paulina, Louisiana in 1962. He was one of eight children in his family. Blank began serial series at the age of 35 and generally chose to murder those people of a wealthier economic status. Blank admitted to murdering both Caucasian men and women.

Blank has been formally charged with the murder of six people. Blank’s method of killing typically began with the breaking and entering of a house and ended with the bludgeoning or stabbing of his victims.

Psychiatrists have stated that Blank had a brain dysfunction, caused by being struck by a car at the age of 12. This injury caused him to have difficulty with his verbal skills and abstract concepts. He was also diagnosed with schizo- affective paranoia disorder.

Blank was sentenced to death by lethal injection in Louisiana on May 15, 1997.

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Victims of Daniel Blank

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Daniel Blank has been charged with the murders of six people. We currently have the data on all of his alleged victims. Victor Rossi 41 years old Victor, from St. Amat, was beaten to death in his home October 17, 1996. Barbara Bourgeois Barbara, from Paulina, was stabbed to death at…

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