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One of the Moorhouse Murderers4MaleCaucasianAustraliaStationarySexual, Sadistic1951/02/162005/10/07 (Suicide)


Crime Investigation Australia: The Moorhouse Horrors (Episode 1x06)

David Birnie was born the eldest of five boys on February 16, 1951.

He spent a portion of his childhood in the suburb of Wattle Grove, east of Perth. According to records, while living in Wattle Grove his family was known for promiscuity, alcohol abuse and was claimed to be involved in incest. There were many stories of his parents performing sexual favours for taxi drivers in order to receive a lesser charge. Their family fridge was reportedly left open for the children and animals, so they could eat whenever they were hungry.

They later moved to Perth, where Birnie would meet his partner in crime, Catherine. Prior to his serial series, Birnie was known to harm the horses at a race course on a regular basis. He began his serial at the age of 35 and his victims were all between the ages of 15 – 31. He raped all of his victims while they were tied to a bed and would later strangle them to death.

Birnie was arrested in November 1986 and was charged with the murders of four victims. He was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences of imprisonment. Birnie was found dead in his cell at Casuarina Prison on October 7, 2005. He chose to hang himself before standing trial for the rape of another prisoner.

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Victims of David Birnie

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David Birnie has been charged with the murders of four people with his wife Catherine Birnie. We currently have the information on all of their victims. Mary Nielson 22 year old Mary was murdered on October 6, 1986. She was raped, tortured and later strangled to death. Susannah Candy Susannah,…

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