David Carpenter

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The Trailside Killer5-9MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1930/05/06 (San Francisco, CA, USA)n/a

Carpenter was born on May 6, 1930 in San Francisco. He was the the middle child of three in his family. Those who knew Carpenter claimed that he had a stutter and was teased in school due to it and his dress. He was forced to take ballet and violin lessons and severely beaten by his mother.

From a young age Carpenter began to show signs of violence. According to records at the age of 14 Carpenter was committed to Napa State Hospital for sex offences. He later molested two of his cousins.

Carpenter was sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison for hitting Lois DeAndrade in the head with a hammer and attempting to shoot Wayne Hicks. While during this prison stay, psychiatrists reported that Carpenter had a sociopathic personality disorder.

After being granted parole Carpenter attempted to kidnap three different women, commit armed robbery and auto theft. When he was granted parole again he began his serial spree.

Carpenter began his murder series at the age of 49. His victims were typically Caucasian and between the ages of 18 and 44. He usually chose women and the men they were travelling with.Carpenter preferred weapon was a knife or gun. He was formally charged with 5 counts of murder, 2 counts of rape and 1 account of attempted rape.

Carpenter was sentenced to death on June 27, 1988. He is currently incarcerated in San Quentin Prison.

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Victims of David Carpenter

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David Carpenter has been formally charged with the murder of five people, and claims to have murdered ten. We currently have the information on all of his victims. Edda Kane Edda was murdered on August 19, 1979. She was found naked and shot to death in Mt. Tamalpais State Park….

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