David Copeland

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Mr. Angry4MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialPersonal Cause1976/05/15 (London, Great Britain)n/a

David Copeland was born on May 15, 1976 in Isleworth, London. He was the first child born in his family.

According to records Copeland was very insecure about his sexuality at a young age. It was because of this insecurity that he began his hatred towards homosexuals. Copeland’s male organs were under-developed, causing him to pull away from members of the opposite sex, with the exception of prostitutes.

Copeland’s first attack was on April 17, 1999 in Brixton. More than fifty people were injured due to the four inch nails that Copeland had packed around the bomb. His second attack was April 24, 1999. Thirteen people were injured, but there were no fatalities. The last and final attack was on April 30, 1999. There were seventy-nine people injured and four people died from their injuries.

It is believed that Copeland’s main intention was to spread fear and create a racial war in England. HIs target victims were racial minorities and homosexuals.

Copeland was arrested on May 1, 1999 and convicted of murder. He was sentenced to six life sentences. Copeland is currently in Broadmoor, a top security hospital in England.

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David Copeland was charged with the murders of four people and the injuries of over one hundred and twenty people. We currently have information on three of his murder victims. Andrea Dykes Andrea was murdered on April 30, 1999. She was four months pregnant and one of the victims of the…

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