David Mulcahy

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One of the Railway Killers, One of the Railway Rapists3MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomNomadicSexual1959 (London, England, United Kingdom)

David Mulcahy was born in 1959 in England.

According to records Mulcahy began to rape women with his friend John Duffy in 1982. Raping these women became dull for the two and so they switched to murdering women in 1985. The team would rape the women multiple times before strangling them to death with a string. The ages of the murdered women ranged from 15 to 29. There was no attempt to hide the bodies.

Mulcahy’s partner, Duffy, was arrested in 1986 and at first refused to give police information about Mulcahy. However, in 1997 Duffy began to give police information regarding his other crimes and about his partner. Mulcahy was arrested and charged with the murder of 3 women and for raping 7 women. He was given 3 life sentences for his crimes.

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Victims of David Mulcahy

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David Mulcahy was charged for the murders of three women. We currently have information on all of his victims. Alison Day Alison, age 19, was murdered on December 29, 1985 in England. Maartje Tamboezer Maartje, age 15, was murdered on April 17, 1986 in England. Anne Locke Anne, age 29,…

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