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Muswell Hill Murderer, The Kindly Killer, The British Jeffrey Dahmer15MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual, Sadistic1945/11/23 (Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Great Britain)n/a


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Dennis Nilsen was born on November 23, 1945 in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

At the age of four Nilsen’s parents divorced. When his mother remarried he was made to live with his grandparents. He claims that one of his most traumatic events was when his grandfather died of a heart attack and he was forced to view the body. Nilsen went back to live with his mother until he joined the army. Nilsen went on to serve in the British Army for 11 years, earning a General Service Medal prior to be discharged.

It is believed that Nilsen began his serial series at the age of 33, in 1978. All of his victims were males, usually homeless or vagrants. He would typically drown or strangle his victims to death in the night. Unlike many serial killers, Nilsen would not dispose of the bodies immediately. May of his victims were kept in various spots around the house for months so that he could have sexual intercourse with them. After he was finished with a victim, he would dismember them and then slowly put pieces into the trash, down the drain or burn the remains in a bonfire. When he had moved to a different home, he stored the bodies in cupboards and attempted to flush the remains down his toilet, which caused the toilets to flood.

Nilsen was arrested on February 8, 1983 for the murders of 6 people and two attempted murders. He was sentenced to life in prison on November 4, 1983. He is thought to have murdered approximately 15 men and boys.

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Victims of Dennis Nilsen

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Dennis Nilsen was charged for the murders of fourteen people, but is thought to have killed fifteen or sixteen people. We currently have information on all of his known victims, and one his suspected murders. Stephen Dean Holmes Stephen, age 14, was murdered on December 30, 1978. He had been…

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