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Dianne Molina3FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicUnknown, Personal Cause?1953 (abt)n/a

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Dianne Odell was born around 1953. From a young age Odell was repeatedly raped by her father and half-brother. She even became pregnant after being raped by her father. When he discovered that she was pregnant he beat her and she then went into labor, and later she gave birth to a stillborn.

From this point on the out-of-wedlock children that Odell would give birth to would be, as she claimed, stillborns. It is believed that Odell’s murder series began in 1982, at the age of 29, and ended in 1984. All of her victims were her children that she had just given birth to. Odell claimed that her mother had refused to call for ambulances during the births and so Odell passed in and out of consciousness. When Odell regained consciousness she found that her children were stillborns. Odell would then wrap her victims in blankets and place them into boxes that she would carry with her for years. The remains eventually ended up in self-stoage units.

The remains of the babies were discovered in May of 2003, by Thomas Bright. He had purchased the self-stroage unit after Odell had failed to pay rent for numerous months. Inside the boxes, Thomas discovered the remains of the babies. Although Odell argued that she kept the babies because she didn’t want to leave them behind and as a way of controlling her over-bearing mother. The prosecutors argued that she hid the babies because they were born out-of-wedlock and because she murdered them.

On December 16, 2003 Odell was found guilty on three counts of depraved-indifference murder. She was sentenced to thee concurrent life sentences on January 27, 2004. The earliest date that Odell can be released of May 13, 2028.

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Victims of Dianne Odell

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Dianne Odell was found guilty of murdering three of her children. We currently have information on all of her victims. Unnamed Girl Odell gave birth to a girl in 1982. She is believed to have been murdered after her birth. Odell continues to claim he was a stillborn. Unnamed Child…

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