Donald Harvey

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36-57MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySadistic1952/04/15 (Bonneville, Kentucky, USA)n/a


Defending Donald Harvey: The Case of America's Most Notorious Angel-of-Death Serial KillerWilliam Whalen and Bruce MartinAmazon

Donald Harvey was born on April 15, 1952, in Booneville, Kentucky. He was the first born child of three children in his family. It is believed that Harvey was sexually abused by both is uncle and an older male neighbor throughout his childhood. Despite the trauma from the abuse, Harvey went on to do well in high-school, receive a diploma from the American School and obtain his GED. He left home and obtained a job at Marymount Hospital. In this same year, 1970, Harvey was raped by his roommate, Randy White.

Throughout his life Harvey was known to have attempted suicide numerous times. At one point in his life he had been discharged from the Air Force for attempting suicide by overdosing on NyQuil. Harvey would become extremely depressed if his relationships turned sour and claimed to have envisioned murdering his partners.

Experts believe that Harvey’s murder series began in 1970. All of his known victims were between the ages of 42 and 91. Harvey would murder both men and women, though most were males. Although Harvey began his murder series murdering those who were elderly and very ill, he slowly began to murder those who posed a threat to his happiness. At first, it could have been argued, that Harvey considered himself to be an angel of death and murdered only those he believed to be saving from pain and illness, however, when he murdered outside of the hospital it became evident that Harvey would murder whoever he could. His victims were all left at the scene of the crime because he knew the likelihood for an autopsy on the body was very unlikely. Throughout his murder series Harvey murdered by smothering victims, poisoning with arsenic, cyanide, cleaning fluid, rat poison, codeine, morphine, Demerol and cutting off oxygen. Closer to the end of his murder series Harvey preferred to murder his victims with cyanide.

On April 6, 1987, Harvey was arrested for the murder John Powell, it was not known that Harvey committed many more murders. After a news reporter asked another reporter on-air if there was a chance that Harvey had committed other murders other nurses began to call in with information. Harvey was offered a plea bargain, if he confessed to all of his murders he would not be sentenced to death. Harvey confessed to 87 murders, but was convicted of 36 murders and 1 intentional manslaughter. On August 21, 1987, in Ohio, he was sentenced for 20 years to life for each murder he committed and 10 to 25 years for each of his murder attempts. In Kentucky, Harvey was sentenced to life in prison for each murder he committed.

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Victims of Donald Harvey

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Donald Harvey was charged for the murders of thirty-six people, but is suspected to have been involved eighty-seven murders. We currently have information on all of his known victims and twenty of his suspected victims. Logan Evans Logan, age 88, was murdered on May 31, 1970. He had been smothered…

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