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Dark Minds: The Eastbound Strangler (Episode 1x02)Brian Combs Review

The Eastbound Strangler killed at least four victims in October and November of 2006. The bodies of all four were found on November 20, 2006. Each was placed about sixty feet apart in a ditch filled with shallow water. They were facing east, and missing their socks and shoes (although clothed otherwise).

All four were known prostitutes in the Atlantic City area.

Some investigators theorize that the Eastbound Strangler and the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer are the same unsub.

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Victims of the Eastbound Strangler

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There are four known victims of the Eastbound Strangler. All were found in a ditch on November 20, 2006, about sixty feet apart. Each was positioned so that they were facing east. They were clothed, but missing their shoes and socks. Barbara V. Breidor Barbara, 42, supported her $300/day crack…

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