Edward Castro

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2MaleHispanicUSAUnknownUnknown1950/01/262000/12/07 (Florida; Lethal injection)


Execution of a Serial Killer, The: One Man's Experience Witnessing the Death PenaltyJoseph D. DiazAmazon

Edward Castro was born in 1950. There is not much known about his childhood or what led up to this serial series.

It is believed that Castro’s serial series began at the age of 37 with the murder of Austin Carter Scott. This murder was committed with a knife, but it is not known if this pattern continued throughout the rest of his murders. According to records Castro preyed on older men in the hopes of attaining their money and vehicles. He was charged with the murders of two people, but confessed to the murder of an additional person as well.

Castro was executed on December 7, 2000.

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Victims of Edward Castro

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Edward Castro was charged with the murders of two people, but also confessed to murdering another. We currently have information regarding the two known murders and the one suspected murder. Austin Carter Scott 56 year old Austin was murdered. George Larry Hill Castro confessed to the murder of George, who…

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