Edward Spreitzer

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Member of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual1958 (Illinois, USA)n/a

Edward Spreitzer was born in 1958 in Illinois..

Spreitzer was a member of the gang that was known as The Chicago Rippers who were located in Chicago, Illinois. The gang consisted of Speitzer and 3 other people: Robin Gecht, Thomas Kokoraleis and Andrew Kokoraleis. This gang would typically choose women who were known prostitutes in the area, though they were known to have murdered other women as well. The gang would usually force the women into their van. They would stab the victims to death and then cut the breasts off of the body. Most of the members would masturbate on top of the body, while the others chose to rape the open wounds where the breasts used to be.

When the gang arrived at Gecht’s apartment the members would masturbate into the severed breasts while reading passages from the “Satanic Bible”. Once this process was finished all of the members would cut the breasts into pieces to eat them..

All members of the Chicago Rippers were arrested on November 5, 1982. Spreitzer pleaded guilty to the murders of Rose Davis, Sandra Delaware, Shui Mak and Rafael Torado, but also went to trial for the murder of Linda Sutton. He was found guilty on March 20, 1986 and sentenced to death. While on death row Governor Ryan left office in 2003, pardoning 4 death row inmates and offered blanket clemency to all others on death row, one of these prisoners was Spreitzer.

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Victims of Edward Spreitzer

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Edward Spreitzer is thought to have been involved in a gang that was responsible for the murders of eighteen people. We currently have information on eight of their alleged victims. Linda Sutton Linda, age 21, was murdered around June of 1981. Unidentified Woman A woman, age 35, was murdered on…

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