Elmer Wayne Henley

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27-30MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryGroup Cause, Sexual, Sadistic1956/05/09 (Houston, Texas, USA)n/a

Elmer Wayne Henley was born on May 9, 1956 in Texas. He was born the eldest child of four children in his family.

From a young age Henley was physically assaulted by his father. Despite this he was known to have good grades and was like din school. Upon his parents’ divorce in 1970, Henley’s grades began to slip due to the job he was required to get to help support the family. Henley eventually dropped out of high school.

While Henley was in high school he became close friends with David Brooks. They would often spend time together even after Henley dropped out of high school. Henley later met Dean Corll, an older friend of Brooks. These men would become partners to abduct, rape and murder young men. Both Brooks and Henley agreed to find boys for Corll for the fee of $200. They also agreed that they would murder for Corll if it was required.

It is believed that Henley began his serial series in 1972, at the age of 16. It is not known exactly how many murders Henley committed himself as was an accomplice in many of the murders that the others committed. All of his victims were raped and tortured for days by Henley, Brooks and Corll before being strangled or shot to death. The victims were tied to a torture board before they were tortured. Some of the victims were forced to call or write letters to their parents to explain for their absence. There was an attempt to hide all the bodies after the murders. Many of the bodies were found in a boat shed, Lake Sam Rayburn, High Island Beach and Jefferson County Beach.

On August 8, 1973 Henley brought a potential male victim for Corll, as well as a female. This apparently enraged Corll, leading to him to place Henley and the other two intended victims into handcuffs. After Henley convinced Corll to take the handcuffs of he shot him three times to kill him. This was ruled as self-defence.

Henley was arrested after he called and confessed to the police on August 8, 1973. Henley was originally charged with the murders of three boys, but upon the formal arraignment this was changed to six counts of murder. Henley was found guilty of six counts of first degree murder on July 16, 1974. However, on July 25 Henley’s lawyers filed for an appeal. This appeal was upheld and the after the new trial ended on June 27, 1979 he was again found guilty and sentenced to six consecutive life sentences.

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