Gary Ridgway

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The Green River KillerConvicted of 49; Confessed to 71; Presumed to be 90+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1949/02/18 (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)n/a

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Gary Ridgway was born on February 18, 1949 in Utah, United States. He was born the middle child of the 3 children in his family. It was stated by Ridgway and others that his mother was extremely domineering. Ridgway continued to have his mother on his checking account even after moving away and getting married. Ridgway stabbed a 6 year old boy at the age of 16, but this was ignored by police. At the age of 20, Ridgway enlisted into the Navy, but was discharged 2 years later. Prior to Ridgway’s arrest for the murder series he was known to be involved with prostitutes had been arrested after a prostitution sting and agreeing to an act of sex for money with an undercover officer.

It is believed that Ridgway began his murder series in 1982, at the age of 33, and ended in 2001 when he was arrested. Some believe that his murder series may have begun as early as 1973, when Ridgway was 24. All of his victims were female between the ages of 15 and 38. Most of the victims were Caucasian, but Ridgway also murdered African Americans, Hispanics and a Native American woman. Many of the women were prostitutes or runaways who were in the area. Most of the women were strangled to death, but some were stabbed or suffocated. In this beginning of murder series, Ridgway would manually strangle his victims, but after a number of them left wounds on Ridgway’s body he began to use ligatures to murder the victims. After his arrest Ridgway claimed that he found choking the most person and rewarding way to murder a person. The women were raped prior to their murders and Ridgway would also return to many of the bodies to engage in intercourse. Ridgway claimed that he would have sex with the bodies so that he would not have to hunt for another victim. The victims were raped and murdered in Ridgway’s home, car or sometimes in the woods. Ridgway would leave some victims at the scene of the crime, while others were buried. He was known to either bury the victims by themselves, bury many in the same location or dump the remains into the Green River. Most of the victims were found nude. Although many serial killers take totems to remember their victims, Ridgway stated that he would remove clothing or jewelry because he believed it would make the victims harder to identify.

After the 1980s Ridgway began to slow down the rate at which he was murdering his victims. He later stated that this occurred because he truly loved his third wife and was happy with her. On November 30, 2001, Ridgway was arrested and charged with the murders of four when his DNA sample from 1987 matched that of the Green River Killer. Ridgway agreed to a plea bargain in which he would avoid the death penalty and plead guilty to the murders of 48 women on November 5, 2003. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on December 18, 2003. Ridgway is suspected of murdering an additional 11 victims.

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