Gennady Mikhasevich

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36 confirmed; confessed to 43MaleCaucasianSoviet UnionTerritorialSexual1947 (Vitebsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR)1987 (Executed)

Gennady Mikhasevich was born in 1947 in the Soviet Union. It is believed that he began his murder series in 1971, at the age of 24, and continued until his arrest in 1985. His murder series began after he came home from the army to discover that his girlfriend had left him and married another man. All of Mikhasevich’s victims were females who were selected at random. Many of the victims were raped prior to their deaths. He never brought any weapons to the crime scene, but would instead use items that he found nearby. Mikhasevich typically strangled his victims to death.

In December of 1985 Mikhasevich was arrested for the murders of multiple women. He was arrested after he sent an anonymous letter to local newspapers on behalf of an organization that he made up, Patriots of Vitebask, and also left a note next to a victim. These notes caused investigators to collect the handwritings of male residents in the area. Officers were able to connect the writing of Mikhasevich to the writing of the murderer. He was found guilty for the murders and sentenced to death. In 1987 Mikhasevich was executed. Mikhasevich had confessed to 43 murders, but was convicted of between 36 to 38 murders. There were approximately 14 people who were arrested for the murders that Mikhasevich committed, some of whom were also sentenced to death before Mikhasevich was discovered.

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Victims of Gennady Mikhasevich

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Gennady Mikhasevich  was found guilty for murdering 36 to 38 people, but confessed to the murders of 43 people. We do not currently have any information regarding the identities of his victims at this time.

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