Gerald Gallego

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10MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1946/07/17 (Sacramento, CA, USA)2002/07/18 (Nevada; Rectal cancer)


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Sex Slave Murders, The: The Horrifying True Story of America's First Husband-and-Wife Serial KillersR. Barri FlowersKindle eBook

Gerald Armond Gallego was born on July 17, 1949. Gallego was the eldest in his family, he also had two younger half brothers.

From a very young age Gallego was very destructive and rebellious. Before the age of twelve he had been arrested for robbing a neighbors house, five other burglary charges, vandalism and running away.

According to records his behavior may have been caused by the abuse which happened at home. He was beaten and starved by his mother and her boyfriends. Gallego’s father was executed when he was 9, for the murder of two police officers.

Gallego met his partner in crime, Charlene Gallego, at the age of 32. The two began their life of crime together almost immediately. They both began to rape and assault Gallego’s 14 year old daughter and bring strangers into their bedrooms.

Gallego and his partner were arrested on November 17, 1980 for the murders of ten people at the Omaha Western Union office. On June 21 he is sentenced to death in California and Nevada. The death sentence was overturned in Nevada in 1997, Gallego was given a retrial, where the new jury also sentenced him to death. Gallego died on July 18, 2002 from rectal cancer in the Nevada prison medical center.

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