Gilles Garnier

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The Hermit of St. Bonnot, The Werewolf of Dole4+MaleCaucasianFranceTerritorialSexualUnknown1573/01/18 (Burned at the stake)

Gilles Garnier lived in France in the 1500s. He owned a house which was very isolated and was considered to be a hermit.

It is believed that Garnier began his murder series after he got married, in 1572. Garnier was only accustomed to feeding himself and found it difficult to find food for both himself and his wife. Instead of hunting animals, Garnier began to hunt and kill children. All of his victims are thought to be between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. Garnier did not seem to care if the victims were male or female, only that the victims were smaller than he was. He would usually strangle his victims to death and then eat their flesh. Many of his victims had their legs and arms eaten to the bone. On some occasions he would bring body parts home for his wife to eat.

In January of 1573 Garnier was arrested for attacking a young boy. It was then that he confessed to murdering four children and eating their remains. Garnier claimed that a spectre had given him an ointment, which allowed him to become a wolf and hunt prey more efficiently, causing him to murder the children. He was found guilty of committing crimes of lycanthropy and witchcraft on January 18, 1573. Both Garnier and his wife were burned at the stake.

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Victims of Gilles Garnier

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Gilles Garnier was charged for the murders of five children in France. We currently have information on five of his victims. Unidentified Girl An unidentified girl was murdered in on November 8, 1573. She was bitten and cut and later died due to her wounds. Unidentified Boy An unidentified boy,…

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