Gordon Stewart Northcott

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4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1906 (abt)1930/10/02


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Gordon Stewart Northcott was born in 1906 in Canada. He later moved with his parents to Los Angeles in 1924.

After moving to Los Angeles Northcott asked his father to help him build a chicken ranch in Wineville, California. Northcott would later use this ranch to abduct and molest an unknown amount of children.

It is believed that Northcott began his serial series in 1928 and also ended his serial series in the same year. He is thought to have sexually assaulted and raped all of his victims before murdering them. The weapon found at the crime scene was an axe, so it is thought that this is how he murdered his victims. The police were only able to find pieces of his victims and so it could not be determined what the cause of death was.

On September 19, 1928 Northcott was arrested for the murders of four boys. He was found guilty of all the murders. HIs mother was also sentenced to jail time for being involved in the murders of three boys. Northcott died in 1930, while serving time in San Quentin Prison.

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Victims of Gordon Stewart Northcott

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Gordon Stewart Northcott is suspected of murdering between 4 and 20 people, though he was only charged for the murders of four boys. We currently have information on all of his known victims. Mexican Boy An unknown Mexican boy was murdered by Northcott. Walter Collins Walter, age 9, was murdered…

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