Harold Frederick Shipman

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Dr. Death, FreddieConvicted of 15; Suspected of 218+MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationaryUnknown1946/01/14 (Nottingham, Great Britain)2004/01/13 (HM Prison Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Great Britain; Suicide)


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Twisted: Harold Shipman (Episode 1x04)

Harold Shipman was born on January 14, 1946 in Nottingham, England. He was born the middle child of three children in his family.

Shipman was a very bright child and showed little signs of being deviant. He went through school to become a doctor. In 1974 he began to have blackouts, which at first were thought to be caused by epilepsy, but were later discovered to be caused by a Pethidine addiction.

It is thought that Shipman began his serial series at the age of 28, in 1974. Shipman would typically cause his patients to have a lethal overdose of morphine. Most of his victims were elderly females. It is thought that Shipman caused the premature deaths of 200 to over 350 patients, but due to the amount of patients who supposedly requested to be cremated, this was difficult to prove.

On September 7, 1998 Shipman was arrested for the murder of Kathleen Grundy, which caused an investigation into other patients who had died suspiciously under his care. Shipman was brought to trial on October 5, 1999 for the murders of 15 patients who had died from morphine overdoses. Shipman was found guilty of the fifteen murders and sentenced to fifteen life sentences on January 31, 2000. Shipman hung himself while serving time in HMP Wakefield Prison, England on January 13, 2004.

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Harold Shipman was charged with the murders of fifteen people but is thought to have been involved in the murders of anywhere between two hundred and fifteen people to four hundred. We currently have information on two of his victims. Eva Lyons 70 year old Eva was murdered in March…

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