Hatsutaro Kawamata

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Oni-Sanba (demon-midwife)25+FemaleAsianJapanTerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownUnknown

Hatsutaro Kawamata was arrested in Japan in 1933 for murdering over 25 children who were in foster care. At this time in Japan, the rights of infants were being disputed. The public and Miyuki Ishikawa, a serial killer that is known for murdering between 85 and 169 foster children, believed that because the victims were abandoned children that the parents were responsible for their deaths. It is thought that the women who were giving birth could not afford to raise the children and would be forced to leave them in foster care. The Japanese government was aware of these serial killers and the dying infants, but did nothing to prevent the murders.

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Victims of Hatsutaro Kawamata

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Hatsutaro Kawamata is thought to have been involved in the murders of twenty-five children. We do not currently have any information on the victims.

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