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Henry Brisbon was born in 1955, Illinois.

At the age of 18 on Interstate 57, Brisbon began his serial series . He was arrested and charged with the murders of three people. His sentence was 1,000 years in prison. While Brisbon was incarcerated, he stabbed and murdered an inmate, while also causing a very large riot.

Brisbon was sentenced to death in 1982. According to records, Brisbon claimed that he would continue to murder inmates so he would have to face trail again, postponing his death sentence. After being placed on death row, Brisbon attempted to keep that promise by stabbing William Jones and John Wayne Gacy.

Brisbon continues to sit on death row.

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Victims of Henry Brisbon

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Henry Brisbon was charged with the murders of four people. We currently have information on three of his victims. James Schmidt  25 year old James was shot to death with his fiancé on June 3, 1973. Dorothy Cerny 25 year old Dorothy was shot to death with her fiancé  on…

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