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The Backpack Murderer7MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSadistic1944/12/27 (Guildford, New South Wales, Australia)n/a


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Ivan Milat was born on December 27, 1944 in South Wales, Australia.

It is believed that Milat began his serial series in 1989. He did not have a preference between killing men and women. All of his victims were in their 20s and were usually travelling tourists. It is believed that his victims were murdered by shooting, stabbing or suffocation. His killing style differed throughout his serial series, causing police to question if there were two murderers. According to records, the victims which Milat shot were used as target practice. Experts claimed that he had sexual intercourse with two of his victims, though some of his victims were found too badly decomposed to be sure.

On May 22, 1994 Milat was arrested for the murders of 7 people. The police had received a search warrant and raided his home. Inside Milat’s home they found the sleeping bags and tents of his victims. They also found clothing and the weapons which Milat had used during the murders. Milat was found guilty for seven murders and one attempted murder on July 27, 1995. He was sentenced to 7 life sentences and 6 years for the attempted murder.

After receiving his sentence, Milat has been known to harm himself. He swallows razorblades, staples and other things that will hurt him. At one point in time he cut off his little finger and sent it to the High Court. In 2011 Milat went on a hunger strike in order to attain a Playstation.

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Ivan Robert Marko Milat, otherwise known as The Backpack Killer or The Backpack Murderer, is a serial killer from Australia whose murder series spanned from 1989, at the age of 45, to sometime in 1992. He was found guilty for the murders of seven people, attempted murder, false imprisonment and…

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Ivan Milat, imprisoned for life at Goulburn Correctional Centre in Australia, wants a Sony Playstation. Real badly. So badly, in fact, that he went on a hunger strike to get one. For nine days, he refused all food. His weight dropped from about 187 pounds to 132 pounds. But he…

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Victims of Ivan Milat

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Ivan Milat was charged with the murders of seven people. We currently have information on all of his known victims. Caroline Clarke Caroline went missing in Sydney, April of 1992. Her remains were discovered on September 20, 1992. Caroline went missing with her friend Joanne. Joanne Walters Joanne went missing…

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