J. Frank Hickey

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3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1865/10/26 (Lowell, Massachusetts, USA)1922/05/08


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J. Frank Hickey was born on October 29, 1865 in Norwich, Connecticut. He was born the youngest of three in his family.

Before Hickey had reached the age of 13, both of his parents had died. Both he and his brother were forced to move in with their stepmother. Hickey began to commit petty crimes, such as theft and petit larceny. According to records, after the death of Hickey’s father, his brother, James H. Hickey, attempted to murder him.

Hickey began his serial series at the age of 18. He preferred to murder Caucasian young boys. Hickey’s method of killing was to strangle his victims to death, although for his first murder he used poison.

He was arrested on November 18, 1912 and was convicted for the murders of the three boys. Hickey received life in prison and died on May 8, 1922 in Auburn Prison, New York.

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Victims of J. Frank Hickey

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J. Frank Hickey was charged with the murders of three people. We currently have information on all of his victims. Edwin W. Morey Edwin was murdered with poison on September 1, 1883. Michael Kruck  Michael was murdered in Central Park on December 10, 1902. Joey Joseph  Joey was murdered on…

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