James B. Grinder

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James B. Grinder is thought to have began his murder series in 1976 with the murder of three young girls. All of Grinder’s known victims were women. He would typically rape the women and then stab or bludgeon them to death. Grinder left the bodies in very secluded areas. The remains of Cynthia Mabry have yet to be found, though he has given police hints as to where the remains are. The remains of two of Grinder’s other victims were not discovered until 10 years after the murder. Only one of his victims was discovered in plain view.

In 1998, while Grinder was already serving time in prison for the murder of Julie Helton, he was found guilty for murdering 2 girls in 1976 and is awaiting charges on a another victim. Grinder is currently serving his life sentence, but is continually requesting executive clemency.

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Victims of James B. Grinder

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James B. Grinder was been found guilty for the murders of two women and is still awaiting trial for two other murders. We currently have information on all of his victims. Teresa Williams  Teresa, age 14, was murdered on December 3, 1976. She was raped and then strangled and stabbed…

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